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21 September 2018 - Friday
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16 March 2012

U14's Squad for Saturday 24th March 2012

We have a  cup semi final this saturday at tooting against Church Manor

If you do not turn up if you are in the squad or fail to tell us if you cannot make it then I am afraid I will have to drop players to the bench or drop them from the squad.

we will be meeting at tooting bec common at 10:20am

Please make sure you arrive on time

I want the squad to meet at the tooting bec common car park at 10:30am

if you are in the squad make sure you arrive on time and if you cannot make it let me know so I can draft other players into the squad.

If you have black or navy blue short or socks please wear them and bring them with you as we are loosing some shorts and socks from the kit bag 

Squad For Saturday:

1. Zakariyah Al Banna

2. Jordan

3. Bruno

4. Hamza Tufail

5. Abdul Aziz

6. Khalid

7. Yaseen Boodhoo

8  Mustafa Muddey

9. Salim Ndwangha

10. Tobi

11. AbdurRahman Massouf

12. Mahdi

13. Ike

14. Abdul Hakim

15. Ricardo

16 Jeyhan











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