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21 September 2018 - Friday
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09 March 2012

GreenHouse Bethwin 0 - 2 Pure Foottball Academy U9's Match Report

 I knew there must be something special in the air today when all 11 players showed up  with their subs! 

From the start it was clear we had a chance today.  The opposition held back from coming forwards and we began by passing the ball around . The game proceeded with the midfield and defence working well together.  Solid tackling from the back with Ammar and Moiz and suppoprt from the Muhammad, Uthman and Faris ensured that Bethwin were unable to penetrate. 
Ayub then came on to add some bite in midfield.
Solid work and tackling meant we went in half time at 0-0
Then the the breakthrough a rocket of a shot by Khairudeen saw the deadlock broken 1-0 to PURE!!!
Bethwin were not cowered by our goal and came back strong. Khalid (GoalKepper) and the backline held strong. A tremendous long shot was saved in style by Khalid.
However Bethwin kept coming forward and we caught them on the counter attack. Ball through to Khairudeen on the left good control and a solid strike in to right corner 2-0. Vicotry was in the air but we have lost games in last few mins before so the nerves kicked in and then we started defending deeper and deeper inviting pressure from Bethwin.
Pure kept their heads and defended well with the midfield coming back to support the defence under attack.  
 But Bethwin kept on coming and before long one of their players, with quite nice skills, cut in form the right, took the ball on his right foot and whacked his shot right in the corner. Khalid rushed out and made a fantastic safe. The Safe was so solid the ball came back out of the area off the keepers belly.
Final Whistle. Not only have Pure U9's won their first Game of the season. We played as a team and we kept a clean sheet for the first time which is far more impressive for me as a coach.

Insha-Allah we are getting better each week as we told you would happen.  If we keep working on the basics, never be afraid and play as a team, we have the potential to build a kvaality (quality for the non-asians) squad.

Coach Yasin

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