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21 September 2018 - Friday
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31 October 2009

GreenHouse Bethwin 3 - 3 Pure Foottball Academy U14 Match Report



 I knew there must be something special in the air today when all 17 players showed up on time and with their subs! 

After initial concerns that the opposition wouldn't show and after the removal of some nasty kaka on the pitch, the game kicked off.  From the start it was clear we had a chance today.  The opposition held back from coming forwards and we began by passing the ball around the back four nicely.  In the first 10 minutes we made an attack on goal with the ball being passed between the defence to Abdul Hakim who very calmly slotted it away into the back of the net, but just as the celebrations started the ref blew for off-side and it was not to be.  The game proceeded with the midfield and defence working well together.  Solid tackling from the back four and suppoprt from the middle ensured that Bethwin were unable to penetrate.  It was not long before our efforts were rewarded from a well earned corner when Abdul Aziz (aka China) kept his composure with a beautifully weighted header which looped the keeper into the back of the net.  Twas 1-0 to us!
Bethwin were not cowered by our goal and came back strong.  A tremendous long shot was saved in style by Uways followed a few minutes later by a forceful run through our right midfield and past our right back.  It looked like a certain goal but for the best tackle of the match by Usamah who slide tackled the man in our area and whilst still on the floor cleared the ball with his other foot.  However Bethwin kept coming forwards and before long they equalized with a jammy goal which was probably a bad cross that went wrong but ended up in the net.
We decided to change our formation from 5-4-1 to 4-4-2 and take the attack to Bethwin and things looked good going into half time at 1-1.
Second half started well with Pure on the attack again in our new formation.  After just a couple of minutes, we earned a corner which was taken short, bounced back towards Al-Harith, who picked out China on the back post for a perfectly aimed header into the right corner.  Twas 2-1 to us!
Bethwin were not to be beaten and just a minute or so later they made a surging run through the right midfield and into our area.  He was a big chap but Muhammed Ali was not afraid and went straight in to challenge him.  He tried to put the ball past Muhammed who stood up well.  The other guy ran straight into Muhammed who had no chance of getting out of the way.  The attacker went down in a mess and looked like he had run into the boxer Muhammed Ali.  The ref gave a penalty which I feel was harsh but not unjust.  Bethwin tucked the penalty away into the bottom right and it was now 2-2.
The time was passing a we knew we could score again.  Yet again our midfield were fighting hard and winning the loose balls.  The defence did their job and Bethwin had no real attack for most of the second half.  Our constant pressure down the left (especially from Yusuf A).  Bilal made a great tackle, passed the ball through the midfield and yet again,  could it be that the man from China (via Somalia) could again score with his head for a hatrick??? Or maybe not!!!  The ball looped over the keeper and dipped ....but did it dip too late.  The ref looked, called it as a goal kick....and the Pure team nearly self combusted with fury that it was a goal.  The ref was surrounded by both teams, Hudayfah's Dad was in the middle of it, the other team were freakin' out....what would he decide.  The ref took a closer look at the net and saw the shoddy job done by Bethwin who made the net look like some baggy old trousers......and he gave the goal!
Twas now 3-2 to us with 15 minutes to go.
Pure kept their heads and defended well with the midfield coming back to support the defence under attack.  One attacking run right from the centre circle looked sure to be a problem until Qasim read it well, left his man and cut across to intercept.  A very important challenge.  But Bethwin kept on coming and before long one of their players, with quite nice skills, cut in form the right, look the ball on his left foot and placed his shot right in the corner.  3-3.
We knew we could do it and we had at leat two more attcks on goal.   We were the better team but the win was to elude us today and the final score ended as a draw.
Pure can be proud of their performance today.  I was pleased to see much more aggression and ascertiveness. We won much of the loose balls in the midfield, and we did not concede a single goal today from sloppy marking.  We tried to get to the ball before it bounced and it made the difference.
Man of the match today was undoubdedly Jackie Chan, Chinaman!
Best tackle - Usamah, who was injured in the first half and we all ask Allah to give him shifa'.
Best moment - ref changing his mind to award us the goal.
Insha-Allah we are getting better each week as we told you would happen.  If we keep working on the basics, never be afraid and play as a team, we have the potential to build a kvaality (quality for the non-asians) squad.
Coach Rahim


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